Masticophis (Coluber) taeniatus taeniatus 

Desert Striped Whipsnake, Masticophis (Coluber) t. taeniatus
Percha Box, East of Hillsboro, NM - August 8, 2017

Native Range: Western United States & Northern Mexico
This species is often found near rocky streams (permanent/intermittent).
Diurnal, very fast, nonvenomous.  Feeds on other reptiles/amphibians, mammals, 
insects, birds….  First described by Edward Hallowell in 1852, as Leptophis taeniata.  
Other Common English names included Striped Whipsnake, there are many scientific
 synonyms, the prominent being Coluber t. taeniatus (Henry Sheldon Fitch, 1936), for this subspecies. 
There are several subspecies of Masticophis some of which are considered full species
by The Reptile Database and other sources. The type specimen was taken in “New 
Mexico, west of the Rio Grande”.

Range of Masticophis taeniatus

Range Map Courtesy of the Catalogue of American Amphibians and Reptiles, species
account by J. D. Camper 1996.  Range map is for entire species.

© Robert Barnes 2017